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FARID. The zine is a student magazine that is made by creatives for creatives. It combines all the mediums of expression, written publications, case studies, reviews, videos, short fashion films and promos, photoshoots etc. 

I joined the team FARID in its beginning as a producer and totally fell in love with the idea of having such creative freedom of self-expression that Hesham Abdelhamid, the editor in chief, has created. Everything that an artist would dream for. With four issues so far we celebrated the first year of FARID in March, a magazine that received 3 nominations in major categories at the Student Publication Association Awards: Best Magazine Design, Best Newcomer Publication and Best Overall Digital media (presented by Sky News) 

Deya & Teodora

Another project I am really happy we made is the FARID acoustic sessions with Deya and Teodora which a produced. I found these two talented girls and as we were looking for artists for our future sessions, they appeared to be the perfect choice for our first talents. 

These are the two songs we recorded in the studio. A cover of Wicked Games by Chris Isaac and The Moon, an original song by Deya and Teodora.

Yaroslav from Russia

My first experience as a curator for an article happens indeed with FARID. We wanted to create something in the 80s style and to capture the whole identity of Yaroslav, an Accountancy student and a bodybuilder from Russia. Definitely, this experience was great fun with a great result at the end. 


Check the article that we created with Oliver Walker and Lewis Thompson and the BTS video of the shoot and     interview ->


After creating my Documentary Desert Rose in Bulgaria, my friends Lewis Thompson and Benoit Ganesan, who ware part of the crew and FARID wanted to come back to Bulgaria. And they created this amazing travel vlog presenting all the places I brought them to. Again, another project I am really happy I was part of.