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Maria is a literature student from Bulgaria who is studying in the UK. She is living in her dream world trying to escape from the hostile reality until she loses control over her sacred space. A mysterious man has appeared and is now occupying and destroying this space. Who is he? A shadow from her past or an integral part of herself? This is the journey of Maria of finding herself and eventually starting loving the woman she is.

Maria is a film about self-love and acceptance. Provoked by my struggles at university I felt that this movie can express well what I felt back then and more, prove that I can pull out a film. And it happened. Definitely, an ambitious concept that could be developed way more if done now, Maria was my first attempt to do a professional film at the very beginning of my first year at university with a budget of only £100. It aimed to establish my taste and vision for films. It was a foundation stone for my professional career and the fact I am playing one of the main roles had to do with the fact that I needed to explore the actor-director relationship. The result and the fact it got noticed in two festivals exceeded my expectations. 

The official song for Maria: NU/ANCE Survivor
Poster Maria